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    Why are you lucky to be loved by a borderline person ?

    I went outside for the first time at 3pm today. The shy but bright sun on 7th avenue made me feel ironically sad. In other circumstances, I would have felt joy and gratefulness and I would have spent time wandering oustide, braving the cold wind to charge up with sunshine’s warm and luminous energy. But today, I am writing from a place of darkness. I hurt myself several times these last days, because it seemed like the only way out from how desperate I felt. The first thing I put in my mouth this morning was some crappy whisky, probably left from an old party held in the basement where…

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    Food addict, binge eater … Do you recognize yourself in this ?

    Hi everyone 🙂 I am currently in NYC and I am trying to connect to binge eaters and food addicts communities. Those who already follow Bouledevie.com know that I recovered thanks to a group therapy based on identity & personality issues, not thanks to a better control over my nutritional habits. I completely lost obsession for food now, and it had last for years. I so badly want to share this message now I feel better, but I keep meeting reluctance to this approach. I know how hard it is to be told that the issue is not food itself when you have an eating disorder. So I thought I’d…